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Visiting Galapagos in Times of Covid-19

Updated: 2022-10-22

1: Preamble

This guide is based on our current knowledge of the published protocols. We cannot predict how strictly they will be applied, or how they may change in response to current circumstances.

We urge you to obtain travel interruption and cancellation insurance that includes disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You may also be required to carry comprehensive health insurance with coverage for air-evacuation to the continent.

2: Requirements for Travel to Ecuador & Galapagos

From October 20, 2022, travellers are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination, or a recent negative test, for entry to Ecuador and Galapagos.

The requirements to enter Ecuador are supplemented by additional requirements for entry to Galapagos.

Documentation Required for Entry to Ecuador

Foreign visitors must possess a passport with at least 6 months of validity.

All travellers, national or foreign, must complete an online Health Declaration form available at: prior to boarding their flight to Ecuador.

Documentation Required for Entry to Galápagos

Visitors to Galapagos need to obtain a Transit Control Card (TCT) which costs $20 each and requires you to enter details of your visit. They like visitors to do the application online, at: (opens in a new window) It’s all in Spanish, and does not acknowledge receipt. Even then, you still have to pick up your card at the airport, so many travelers do the entire application at the airport. When completing the registration, note that the Galeodan Suites are registered with the Ministry of Tourism under the name of “Jardin de Helena” .

The 2015 Special Law of Galapagos (LOREG) introduced a requirement that all foreign tourists obtain comprehensive health insurance specifically covering the substantial cost ($12-$20k) of emergency air-evacuation to the mainland. Despite only intermittent enforcement, we strongly recommend it nonetheless.

If, at any stage, you receive a positive or even inconclusive test result, you will have to re-schedule or cancel your ongoing plans and enter 10 days of Mandatory Isolation. That will usually mean staying in your current accommodation. More details of the testing and isolation procedure are provided below.

Please take all due precautions in your travels prior to departure for Galapagos. Please self-monitor for symptoms of Covid-19 as it will better to know before you get here and get turned away at entry, need to isolate on the island, or even be evacuated back to the continent by air-ambulance.

3: Requirements While in Galapagos

These are the protocols, mandated by local authorities, to which all touristic accommodation, agencies, operators, residents, and visitors must adhere.

Masks & Distancing

At this time, there is no national masking and distancing mandate in Ecuador and Galapagos. However, that could change, at any time, with the advent of new threats.

Further Measures

The Protocols urge increased frequency of hand washing and disinfection to minimize contagion.

If you experience Covid-19 symptoms or have reason to suspect you have been exposed to the virus, advise your host or agent immediately and they will contact the health authorities.

4: Testing, Tracing & Mandatory Isolation

Once you have alerted your host or agent to symptoms or the possibility of infection, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

At that point, you will have to be isolated in your room, pending arrival of the local health authorities. Depending on circumstances, it may be necessary to divide your party into separate rooms.

Depending on your presentation of Covid-19 systems, your recent travel history, and contact with suspected or confirmed cases, you may be identified as a Suspect Case at which point you will be tested.

If you have been identified as Suspect Case, you are then required to enter Mandatory Isolation for 10 days in your current establishment - Regardless of the test results.

If the test is positive for Covid-19 infection, you will be either hospitalized, if necessary, or returned to your current establishment for Mandatory Isolation.

Even if you do not present symptoms, you may be identified as a “Contact” – Someone who has travelled with or been in close contact with a probable of confirmed case of Covid-19. The health authorities will determine the required action, which may include testing and mandatory isolation in your current establishment.

Travellers must cover all the costs of mandatory isolation, including lodging, maintenance, transportation etc.

5: Special Measures Recommended for Guests

Travelling – Extras to Bring

You may find it difficult to find face masks, gloves, alcohol-gel and other protective products during your travels, and availability in Galapagos is especially hard to predict (besides which it will be expensive). We strongly recommend you travel with a good supply of:

We further recommend the following:

Digital Oral Thermometer

On your journey towards Galapagos, you may undergo numerous temperature screenings using non-contact devices that could result in disruption to your vacation. We too are required to scan guests on arrival at the Suites and you may be scanned at the start of every excursion, by land or sea. Although scanning devices may provide a level of security, they are no substitute for a thermometer that measures true body temperature. It may help to have a proper thermometer at hand. (Note that you may not be able to carry a mercury thermometer in hand luggage.)

Mask & Snorkel \ Scuba Gear

While operators are generally assiduous with cleaning equipment between trips, having your own equipment, including short wetsuits, will provide more peace of mind. You will also be able to take advantage of the excellent snorkelling around town.

6: Testing in Galapagos for Return Home

If the timing of your return to the United States or other parts requires you to take a Covid test before leaving Galapagos, you can get a rapid antigen or RT-PCR test in San Cristobal or Santa Cruz