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Galeodan Suites Covid-19 Policy


1: Preamble


This guide is based on our current knowledge of the published protocols. We cannot predict how strictly they will be applied, or how they may change in response to current circumstances.

We urge you to obtain travel interruption and cancellation insurance that includes disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You may also be required to carry comprehensive health insurance with coverage for air-evacuation to the continent.

2: Physical Features & Standard Amenities of the Galeodan Suites


The physical configuration of Galeodan Suites and service offered make them particularly suited to a comfortable and secure stay, especially during this pandemic. Interaction with staff, management and other guests is minimized by the following features:

  • There is no lobby or enclosed corridor.
  • Each Suite has its own separate entrance.
  • Each suite has a private balcony or terrace (Penthouse).
  • Each Suite features a private bathroom and fully equipped kitchenette with fridge, cooktop, microwave, toaster, kettle, coffeemaker, tableware, cleaning equipment, soap & disinfectant.

Serviced Self-Catering

The Suites are fully furnished with sheets, bath towels, beach towels, shampoo, body wash, paper, and soap.

We stock the kitchen with basics including coffee, tea, milk, sugar, salt, pepper, and cooking oil.
We also provide eggs, cereal, bread rolls, fresh fruit for you to make your own breakfast to enjoy in the room, or on your private balcony or terrace.

So, there is no need to go shopping for the basics, although you always have that choice. In short: you can be as independent as you want to be – We call it “Serviced Self-Catering”.

3: Guest Services & Procedures


Our standard suite preparation and maintenance procedures provide a high standard of cleanliness and disinfection between bookings and during every guest-stay. But, for the duration of the pandemic, we are taking additional steps to minimize the chances of contagion between successive guests and between ourselves and our guests.

Suite Closure

During the emergency, each suite will be closed for the days before and after each reservation to so that we have at least 24 hours to clean and sterilize the space and furnishings.

Enhanced Suite Preparation

First, we perform our standard deep-clean between bookings, in which we:

  • Change all linens (towels and bedding)
  • Wash all dishes, cutlery, mugs, glasses & kitchenware
  • Wipe\scrub, clean & disinfect bathroom and shower using a bio-friendly mix of alcohol and vinegar.
  • Wipe clean & disinfect all counters and furniture with alcohol\vinegar.
  • Wash the floors with alcohol\vinegar.
  • Wash the balconies and terrace with soap and water.

As an additional precaution for the emergency, we then spray contact surfaces (counters, handles, switches, faucets etc.) with 70% alcohol and leave to dry.

In each suite, we normally provide a binder of information including:

  • Guide to Sightseeing in San Cristobal*
  • Suites Briefing (procedures, service, contact numbers etc.)*
  • Map of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno *
  • Tides Table
  • Galapagos National Park Rules
  • Operational & Environmental Compliance Licenses

During the emergency, we are removing the binder, along with other high-contact furnishings. The guides (* above) are emailed to all guests upon confirmation of the reservation and we ask you to bring these with you in electronic or printed form for easy reference while staying with us. Some key information will be still be posted in plain site in the suites.

Room keys will be cleaned, sprayed with 70% alcohol, and placed on a table in the suite, together with a bottle of alcohol-gel for our guests to use.

On Arrival at the Galeodan Suites

On arrival in the suite, we normally give a briefing on the use of the facilities, local services, potential tours, etc. During the emergency, we ask guests to pay extra attention to the materials which we send in advance so that we can keep the in-room briefing to a prudent minimum.

On arrival, guests are asked to complete a “Guest Covid-19 Symptomatology Questionnaire”, provided by the local authorities. The questionnaire asks about your current state of health and recent history.

Maintenance \ Room-Service

In normal conditions, we would enter the suite each day, at a time convenient to the guests, to perform basic maintenance on the suite, including

  • clean and disinfect the bathroom & shower,
  • remove garbage,
  • sweep floors and wipe down surfaces, checking for food or spills (that can attract insects)
  • hang towels to dry on the balcony\terrace (replacing if necessary or as requested)

During the emergency, we ask guests to take responsibility for these tasks so that our staff can minimize time spent and contact with items in the room.

Every 5 days, at the most, we will provide a set of fresh sheets and towels - Or earlier, if requested.

We will provide a receptacle at the door to receive garbage bags and will provide replacements as needed.

During our “normal” daily room-maintenance we would also restock the suite with self-catering basics, including coffee, milk, sugar, cereal, fruit etc. and drinking water. Rather than ask guests to provide a daily “shopping list” it will still be more practical for us to pop-in very briefly to do this re-stocking.

In the evening, we will continue our regular practice of delivering a bag of fresh bread rolls, hung by the door, for the next morning’s breakfast.

4: Additional Measures – By Galeodan Staff


Management and staff will wear protective masks and maintain distance when interfacing with guests or entering the rooms for maintenance. Masks and gloves will be worn whenever cleaning and servicing rooms or handling items with which guests may come in contact (jugs, linens, towels, containers etc.).

Staff wash hands on before and after any maintenance or cleaning activity in the rooms or handling shared equipment or material from the rooms, such as towels, sheets, cleaning utensils etc.

Staff, of which only one will be on site at any time, will also maintain distance from management and guests.

Staff must check their temperature in the morning, prior to starting work, and every evening. At the first sign of possible infection, they must advise management and local authorities and then self-isolate for 14 days.

5: Privacy & Communication


Privacy has always been a key feature of the Galeodan Suites and we do not enter the Suites or disturb the guests except on matters of urgency. Accordingly, we ask guests to keep us informed of their daily schedule, particularly the morning, so we can pop in to service the room when they are out and about.

In addition, we urge guests to tell us – at any time – if something in the room is not functioning properly so that we can fix it immediately.

All of this requires efficient, and in these times remote, communication. So we recommend guests come equipped with a communication app, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Vyber etc. (WhatsApp works best here). You do not need a local or roaming phone for these to work when connected to our WiFi.

Failing all else, we do live on the premises, so you can always just come and knock on the door.

Communication en-route.

If you are traveling in a period of uncertainty and potential delays, we ask you to keep us informed as best you can of any changes to your schedule.

Many guests arrange cellular roaming service, but you should be aware that some of these only allow you to call out and will not receive calls. Please check with your provider. The alternative is to procure an Ecuadorian SIM card.

6: Testing, Tracing & Mandatory Isolation


If you exhibit Covid-19 symptoms, and depending on your recent activities, the local health authorities may identify you as a Suspect Case. If you have been in close or extended contact with a suspect or confirmed case, you may be identified as a Contact. In either event, you will be tested and obliged to isolate for 14 days, in your current accommodation. The procedure is described in more detail in the “Galeodan Guide to Visiting Galapagos in Times of Covid-19”.

For additional nights in isolation we will charge 50% of the booked rate in the original room or 50% of the advertised rate for an alternative or additional room. Payment must be made prior to check-out.

We will arrange alternative accommodation for incoming guests that are unable to check-in because the room, or rooms are occupied for mandatory isolation.

7: Key Links


The following links are from the webpage of the National Risk Management & Emergencies Service (RSG), which lists over 100 protocols affecting various industries, sports, personal protection, etc. We have identified the following key protocols related to tourist accommodation and the procedures for testing and isolation in the event of suspected infections.



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