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Sightseeing in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno


All of these sites are within walking distance or a short (5 minute) taxi ride from the Galeodan Suites.:

  • Interpretation Centre
  • Cerro Tijeretas (Frigate Bird Hill)
  • La Loberia
  • Punta Carola
  • Playa Mann

The Interpretation Centre

Here you can learn about the natural history and human history of the Galápagos archipelago: from its fiery origins; its discovery by humans; through generations of attempts to colonize and exploit its natural resources; to the present day with the many challenges facing its human and non-human inhabitants.

A visit to the Centre really gives context to your other Galápagos experiences and should not be missed. You can breeze through in 20 minutes or spend several hours studying the many exhibits

The Interpretation Centre is only 5 minutes walk from the Galeodan Suites and can be self-directed or enhanced by the company of a guide.

Interpretation Centre




Cerro Tijeretas (Frigate Bird Hill)

From the exit of the Interpretation Centre, a path takes you to a spectacular lookout, where you can see the port, Kicker Rock and the Pacific Ocean, facing west, into the sunset.

Walking back, you can take a dip in the crystal clear water of a sheltered bay and snorkel in the company of sea-lions and turtles. The path leads back along the shoreline and through the beach of Punta Carola.

The Tijeretas trail starts 5 minutes from the Galeodan Suites and, like the Interpretation Centre, can be enjoyed either alone or in the company of a guide. The 3.5 mile loop can take anything from one to two hours depending on how many detours you take to enjoy the various monuments and lookout points along the route.

Ls Tijeretas




La Loberia

This mostly rocky beach is so named for its popularity as a nursery for sea lions. It used to be that one would pay a special visit to the Loberia to find sea lions and cubs but these days they are found in significant numbers throughout Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Several of the human-popular beaches, like Punta Carola and Playa Man are now equally popular with sea lions and humans and sea lions compete for space to swim, surf and raise their young.

La Loberia is a 5-minute taxi-ride from the Galeodan Suites, just beyond the airport. It is a popular spot for snorkelling and surfing.

Lobo & Pup




Punta Carola

Punta Carola is named for the promontory which hosts one of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno’s navigation lighthouses. There you will see marine iguanas, pelicans, blue-footed boobies and, of course, sea lions. The beach is popular for swimming, snorkelling and, above all, surfing. Punta Carola is one of the best surf beaches in Galápagos and a destination of choice for surfers from around the world.

Punta Carola is only a 15-minute walk from the Galeodan Suites.

Marine Iguana
Carola Beach




Playa Mann

Playa Mann is just outside the town centre, on the road towards the Interpretation Centre and Punta Carola.

Swimming is best at high tide as offshore it gets rocky. Here you will be sharing the beach, maybe also your beach towel, with sea lions and their pups. The water is generally calm but the occasional strong swell can bring surfable waves.

Playa Mann

Playa Mann is just a couple of hundred yards from the Galeodan Suites. The beach is overlooked by GAIAS (Galápagos Institute for the Arts and Sciences) which is a campus of USFQ (University of San Francisco de Quito). Next door to GAIAS is the Galápagos Science Centre.

USFQ at Playa Mann



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